Options for Foreign Founders

At our law office, we work with entrepreneurs who are in the USA, or plan to visit the USA, and who wish to build a business or a start a subsidiary of their company in the USA. Some of our clients-entrepreneurs already hold a U.S visa, such as B visa (tourist/business visitor), F visa (student), or H visa (work visa).

We work with entrepreneurs and business owners who decide to run a business in the USA and specifically in San Francisco or Silicon Valley.

Many entrepreneurs, after researching the best place to start their business, come to California. We are here to guide you through all steps of the legal immigration process from opening your company to getting visas to your key employees.

We touch on many aspects of your future business in the USA, and we primarily consult on how to start the business from legal and immigration point of view.

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More for Foreign Founders:

Finally! A long-waited solution for some of our clients! As an immigration attorney, I often see exceptionally bright, talented and entrepreneurial engineers / developers / product managers. They are working at biggest Silicon Valley companies, on H-1B visas. At the same time, they often have great ideas, which could be the next biggest thing on the market. 

However, due to complexities of immigration law, these entrepreneurs cannot leave their employer to work full-time on their startup. They develop their idea at nights and weekends, but have trouble getting the company funded because investors want to invest in startups where founders are fully committed and making fast progress; not just working evenings and weekends.

Now there is a solution - a Silicon Valley fund “Unshackled”. See www.unshackled.co  

Unshackled hires teams with ideas and facilitates the transfer of visa, where required. This allows the teams to work on the project full-time. Unshackled is not a staffing agency, but a focused investment fund. I recently met Unshackled's founding partner Nitin Pachisia and was delighted by their focus on the solution, not the problem. 

I believe this solution is very valuable for foreign founders with a new business idea.  Of course, not every entrepreneur and startup idea will qualify, as it always is. But for those that do qualify, Unshackled could be the foundation to build your startup on. 

As usual, when dealing with any immigration and business law do talk to a lawyer. Talk to a lawyer of your own to review the H-1B transfer process and any business transactions. 

This is not legal advice to your specific situation, but rather an informational article. If you need legal advice, please talk to a business immigration attorney. The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina will be happy to help.